Instead of an immediate honeymoon following our wedding reception, Brad and I decided to wait a few months but ended up postponing for an entire year. We chose Florence as our destination for our one year anniversary during the honeymoon. I started looking into hiring a local photographer to take some pictures to commemorate both occasions. I stumbled upon a fairly new service called Flytographer. They connect you to several local photographers in cities all over the world. Profiles and portfolios are available on Flytographer’s website so you can choose a photographer to suit your tastes. You’ll fill out your inquiry with your available dates, session length and description of what you prefer. The prices are set by the session length and the number of people in your shoot. We opted for the 30-minute session with two locations; Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and Ponte Vecchio. Since we got married at sunrise, we wanted a sunrise anniversary shoot.

Our photographer, Emma, was incredibly friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable.  Getting up early in the morning was absolutely worth it because it felt like we had the entire city to ourselves. Even though we chose to dress formally, the next time we do this will be much more casual. This is also a perfect service for groups of friends, families and solo travelers. I’ve already signed up for two more sessions scheduled this fall. I booked a session in Marrakech during my upcoming solo trip. The last time I took a big solo trip, I was only in about 3 pictures and I didn’t realize it until I returned home. I feel relieved to know I won’t have to worry about leaving Morocco without being in any pictures. I’ve also scheduled an hour-long session in Paris with Brad (for our second anniversary) and with my in-laws who will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary by taking their very first trip overseas!

I wish a service like this existed when my mom and grandma were around but the next best thing I can do is commemorate my trips with those around me now and to encourage others to capture moments with their loved ones with some quality pictures. Memories are always worth it.

If you are interested, click here to book and receive a discount with Flytographer

All photographs taken by Florence Flytographer Emma

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